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    Blowhard, an akward name, good Remixed and remastered music from PS1 Spyro the Dragon game.



One theme which I remember to this day is Blowhard theme, and yes, it has a name which can be easily misinterpreted to something else... Well, aside from the name, it is a song which can work as a boss battle and a background music. Especially the use of organs is very fitting for Stewart Copeland.

Blowhard is a Realm and the boss of the Magic Crafters Homeworld, who resided in the realm named after him. He was created by Gnasty Gnorc to defeat Spyro as an advanced version of the Tornado Wizards who were seen in High Caves.

I played Spyro the Dragon when I was little and I was amazed and instantly taken into its colorful locations and imaginative world, and of course it's music. I spent hours finding all the gems and seacrets, I even revisited many old places and one of the thing affected to that was the music made by Stewart Copeland. Every song is truly catchy. Spyro OST has quality songs, I'm here to remaster them.


Spyro the Dragon is a 1998 platform game developed by Insomniac Games for the PlayStation. It stars Spyro the Dragon, a young purple dragon. It is the first game in the iconic Spyro the Dragon series of video games.

Blowhard is quite similar to other songs, but it fits . I wanted to make it still recognizable, but still with new elements and remastered instruments.

I did my best to find new instruments to honor Stewart Copeland's great music work, but to also find new sides of it in form of this new remake. Whole remastered look can be heard and the tone of the song is changed. It is a song not too distinct from others, but it has it's own tune. This is the best spyro music.

Original Composer: Stewart Copeland

Artwork from Jujubomber, have a look

Spyro The Dragon Full Soundtrack

My name is Elias Luukkanen. I compose music for various projects. My passion is to make something new and thought-provoking. Music out of the mainstream.


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released March 27, 2017




Elias Luukkanen Finland

Elias Luukkanen is composer from Finland who has created music in many styles for various projects.

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