Spyro the Dragon OST Remake - Artisan Home Music

by Elias Luukkanen

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    First Spyro Homeworld music remastered with best quality to a whole new version!



Spyro soundtrack includes many classic songs. Spyro Artisan Homeworld is among the first themes you hear, aside from the main theme of course. It is very bright and Stewart Copeland's guitar comes just in time to make happy and catchy tunes. Artisan Homeworld remix was fun to create, I hope you find it having th esame atmosphere as the original one.

The world consists of a pleasant countryside and ornate castles. Being that there are no enemies that try to attack Spyro, Artisans is the easiest homeworld in the game. The Artisans Homeworld is Spyro's lush, green homeworld. The residents pride themselves in their homes, which is a vast meadow of healthy green grass, several tall trees, and gentle waterfalls feeding into many different ponds in the area.


released May 16, 2017




Elias Luukkanen Finland

Elias Luukkanen is composer from Finland who has created music in many styles for various projects.

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